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Vision & Mission

True Education is a unique matter. Its function is to build an integrated personality. There should be a simultaneous and harmonious growth of our body and mind, senses and spirit. When a student goes out of college, he or she should be full of life, full of vigor, full of energy and full of delight in his young life to take up the burden of the work of the world. The College is a place where student grows with courage, confidence, patience, resourcefulness and understanding. The motive behind opening this College is to impart quality education in academics and spiritual training side by side, thus enabling the girls to adequately prepare for the future. Spiritual education is a creative force which eliminates various evils including racial prejudices through Moral Awakening. The students, thus, prepared by this institute become fully civilized, have no disparity of religions, caste, creed, colour and develop love for mankind. Here the students get an atmosphere that encourages responsibility and leadership where charity, service and Self Sacrifice are the norms to reach the highest peak of glory. Certain qualities like discipline, hard work, punctuality, truth and self-help must be in the students. So, the students in Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ College, Sri Gurusar Modia equipped with these qualities…………..

‘Hitch their wagon to the star’