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We are proud of our Sports department and are confident that within our region, we have developed a notable community profile as a college committed to the development of a strong, well- structured and inclusive sports program.

The College has excellent sporting facilities which help the students to reach on National & International levels. Within a short span of its establishment, the college has given many vigorous and dynamic successful players to Maharaja Ganga Singh University Bikaner. The college has a well marked sports area which comprises of different playgrounds available for various games.

1. Volleyball 2. Basket Ball 3. Netball
4. Handball 5. Throw Ball 6. Athletics
7.Hockey (Grassic) 8. Football(Grassic) 9. Archery
10. Cricket11. 11.Yoga



Special facilities for Players

  • Pure Gold, Silver and Diamond Medals according to their performances
  • 75% – 100% scholarships for National Players
  • Three months free Summer Sports Camp
  • Special diet with pure Desi Ghee
  • Different Playgrounds