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Welcome to Shah Satnam Ji Girls P.G. College

The institution was established in 21 Aug. 2009 in the sacred memory of Shah Satnam Ji to impart modern knowledge along with the moral traditions to the youth of progressive India. Guided by the missionary zeal and visionary approach of its founding fathers, our college is designed in the shape of ‘1’ symbolizing the motto “We All are One.” The college is a miracle as it is constructed merely in 144 hours due to the painstaking efforts of Hazoor Maharaj Ji. The College campus expands over a large area with ample scope for further expansion and development. The Mission of Our College to create a progressive and creative model of life long learning, teaching and evaluation which is totally in gear with the needs of up to date education. Our aim is to imbibe spirituality to uplift humanity . We go in perfect rhythm with the moral wisdom and the modern scientific temper. We are setting standards which others find hard to match.



  1. The college is headed by a very dynamic, devoted, dedicated Principal. Lecturers are highly qualified and committed, never do compromise with the quality of Education.
  2. The University Examination results of this college have been consistently and uniformly extremely surprising and mind boggling.
  3. In co-curricular activities also this college has found a special nick for itself in various activities.
  4. Students are here guided for flying career and holding Leadership positions, as they can touch these heights while being in this college.
  5. The college is committed to the integrated developments of young girls by helping them realize and develop facet of their personality through various learning teaching experiences and extra morel activities.
  6. The college inculcates values like willingness to try a new thing, overcome fears and pit falls, strength to admit mistakes, patience to try once more and to bear the tensions and trauma of day to day life.
  7. The college has given a number of talented National & International Players to the University within a short span

It makes this College “College of Excellence”