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Co-curricular Activities

We strive to make Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ College an island of excellence where the young students excels not just in the academics but also in co-curricular and extra curricular activities. The college has adopted it purposefully to keep the competitive spirit alive among the students. The Entire students body is divided into 4 houses each for girls, which have been named

1. Meera Bai House 2. Rabiya Basri House
3. Sehjo Bai House 4. Shabri House

Students participate in various inter college events to prove their mettle in every field. The house incharges are responsible for conducting inter house academic cultural & Curricular activities.

Students are encouraged to involve in several Co-curricular activities like
Sports Meets,Cultural Meets,Debating Quizzes,Skits & Plays and various other competition