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Admission Facts

Admissions start in the months of February and March every year. Admission is given to the candidates on the basis of Entrance Test clearance.

Documents required at the time of Admission
1.A School Leaving Certificate (T.C) from an Affiliated School.
2.The Original Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Committee of Civil Hospital.
3.Character Certificate from the Institution last attended.
4.Three copies of Latest Passport Size Photograph.
5.Three copies of  Latest Photograph with the Parents/Guardians.
6.Snap with Parents/Guardians for Identity Card (Both Day Scholars & Hostlers)
Subject for Senior Secondary Classes
The Subjects for Science Group are as
English Core                              Biology
Physics                                        Mathematics
Chemistry                                    Music
The subjects for Humanity Groups are as
English Core                              Geography
Hindi Core                                   Physical Education
Mathematics                               Accountancy
Political Science                        Punjabi
History                                         Business Studies
Economics                                 Music Vocal
Medium of Instruction
Pre-Nry. To VIII                         Only English
IX to XII(Arts,Commerce)        Both English & Hindi
XI-XII(Med.+Non-Med.)            Only English
Examination Schedule
The Academic Session commences in April and ends in March.The School has different Exam Schedule for secondary & Senior Secondary classes.
Pre-Nry to X
Unit Test:                       End of every month
Half Yearly:                    September 
Annual:                           March
Unit Test:                       End of Every Month
Ist-Term:                        September
II-Term:                          December
Pre Board(X-XII)           January
Annual Exams:           March
Note:Apart from these chapter-wise class test are conducted regularly as per the schedule settled in the school.
In Winter:     9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
In Summer: 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Diwali Break:             10 Days
Summer Vacations: 6 to 7 Weeks
Leave Rules:
1.Generally leaves are not granted to the students,specially to the students from 6th classs onwards during the term period,looking into the seriousness of the studies.
2.Medical Certificate will be demanded after sick leaves.
3.No marriage leaves are sanctioned without showing Wedding Card.
4.No student is allowed to be off at school without information.
But under the unavoidable circumstance i.e. serious, illness, etc.leave is granted by the principal.
Code of conduct for the student:
1.Morality,honesty and dedication to human thoughts and behaviours are sincerely needed.These shall help to achieve the aim of real education of carving ideal students and noble citizens with their mind and soul enlightened.
2.Good behaviour and respectful attitude towards the staff,seniors and the people in general must be observed.
3.Students must maintain discipline in and outside the school.
4.Students should uphold decorum all the time which is conductive for studies.
5.Students should see the Principal only for the solution of their important and genuine problems.
6.Students should not loiter in the school corridors,which disturb the classes.
7.Co-operation of the students is required to keep the campus tidy and clean.
8.Regularity in attending classes is best expected from all the students.
9.The vehicle should be kept in the specified parking shed only.
10.Student should not meet the outsiders without the prior knowledge and permission of the Principal.
11.Student should carefully watch the notice board and follow the instruction contained there in.
12.Student should not add,alter or remove any article from the School Notice Board.
13.Student should attend the school in proper specified uniform.
14.Carrying of valuable articles is strictly prohibited in the school.
15.Writing anything on school walls,toilets,furniture,notice board etc. will face to strict action.
16.Student found guilty of indulging in subversive may be expelled from the school.
17.Complaints and suggestions , if any, may be submitted in writing to the Principal of the School.
18.Parents may please note that no student is permitted to possess or bring cell phone in the school campus.This has been banned.In case of defaulter , the cell phone shall be confiscated and the student will be fined.
Submission of fees:
1.Annual dues in full will be charges at the time of admission.
2.Monthly charges will have to be paid in 4 installments i.e. in April , July,October & January.
3.Depositing the fees in Annual or Half Yearly basis is also allowed.
4.Fees must be deposited by the 10th of above mentioned months after which fine will be charged till the last date of the month after which the name of the students will be struck off from the school roll.
5.Name once struck off from the school roll can be re-admitted only after the payment of readmission fee & late fine.
6. Absenteeism is strictly restricted in school. For absentees’ fine will be charged and after six days of consecutive absence including in between holidays the name will be struck off from school roll.
Authorities of the Principal:
1.The Powers vested in the office of the Principal are unchartered and discretionary but these are to be used in most judicious manner for the betterment of the students and institution.
2.The Principal can make amendments in the previously set norms, if necessary, for the improvements in the management of the School.
3.The right is reserved in the office of the Principal to refuse admission to any candidate without explaining the reasons.